Parcours d'oraison

La joie: s'élever jusqu'à Dieu, transmettre la passion de ce voyage.

This site is the result of a collaboration between various members of the Carmelite order. It was initiated and is maintained by the Carmelite Sisters of Montréal, Canada and the Carmelite brothers of Trois-Rivières, Canada.

The objectives of the project are to spread the knowledge and love of prayer and thereby to make Carmel known through information technologies: internet, newsletters, audio conferences, etc.

With this in mind, we have prepared:

  • a weekly newsletter containing teachings and comments about prayer. You can register for it here.
  • an online shop where conferences about prayer, Carmel, Carmelitan saints and their writings, can be downloaded and purchased
  • a calendar where you can find and post local prayer workshops

We are particularly interested in knowing and sharing your local activities related to prayer, whether they be conferences, retreats or prayer workshops. To share them with us, visit Help.

This is a not-for-profit project and all expenses associated to its development and maintenance have been offered by a donator. All funds received will be devoted to supporting local prayer workshops led by the Carmelite brothers. If your group would be interested in our support, you can share your project here.

Parcours d'oraison: un projet collaboratif carmélitain pour faire connaître et aimer l'oraison organisé par le Carmel de Montréal

In Memoriam Nathalie Décembre 2014